It was brought to my attention that I tend to go birdwatching alot. So here is my attempt to document my outings and sightings. I also hope to show photos of as many of my ticks as possible.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Year tickin near Cessnock

Spent an enjoyable day birding around the Cessnock area with Nick and Liz. Our aim was to clean up a few woodland species missed on previous trips and to see the Regent Honeyeaters that have just arrived.
We hit Kitchener early and immediately found Black-chinned Honeyeater and Regents in the carpark. Musk and Little Lorikeets were common and gave great views. Both Pardalotes and White-throated Gerygone could be heard.
We walked further up the track and heard Spotted Quail-thrush calling down the slope so off we went and after much searching located the pair. At one stage the male was calling high in a eucalypt.
We left Kitchener and headed into the North Cessnock section of the Werakata NP. Here we found Yellow-tufted, Brown-headed, White-naped, Scarlet, Black-chinned and Fuscous Honeyeaters. A Shining Bronze-cuckoo was heard and Dusky Woodswallows were common.
Having scored all our year ticks early we then decided to go for a drive around Wollombi and Laguna. We travelled along this small country road scoring some good birds as we went: Crested Shrike-tit, Golden Whistler, Spinebill, Sittella and Little Raven.
Failed to see Goldfinch in Maitland on the way home.
Great day out with 93 species recorded.

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  1. Great shot of the Regent. You have a good record with photographing these birds.