It was brought to my attention that I tend to go birdwatching alot. So here is my attempt to document my outings and sightings. I also hope to show photos of as many of my ticks as possible.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bird of the Week: Crested Bellbird

Oreoica gutturalis
With its distinct cow bell like call, the Crested Bellbird is one of interior Australia's most recognised birds. They are found in various dry, timbered habitats throughout much of Australia, including mallee, mugla and cypress forests.The sexes are easily separated with the male having a white face which is surrounded by a large black bib. He also has a small black crest which he can raise when needed. The female lacks the white face and bib but does have a black stripe along the crown. Young birds are duller versions of the adults. This species is generally heard long before its seen and its call is quite deceiving making tracking its location hard. Once found, the male will often pose and call without to much worry.I first saw this species in 2003 while birding around the Macquarie Marshes. I've since seen them on most trips out west, mainly in the Lake Cargelligo, Cunnamulla and Bourke regions.

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